How do you tell people your leaving?

When it is time to move on to another job, how do you tell people your leaving?  I ask this question because a coworker called to tell me that she’ll be starting a new job in two weeks.  I was surprised but really happy for her.  It’s a great job and frankly, her relationship with our boss was poor at best with no resolution in sight.  I appreciated the personal phone call but it got me wondering, how exactly do you let people know you’re leaving?  Her plan was to call a few of us coworkers who were close to her and then tell others in the office over the next two days.  However, the boss sent out an email today letting EVERYONE know she is leaving.  I found this to be insensitive.  Shouldn’t she be allowed the courtesy to tell people in a reasonable amount of time?  I have a feeling that because of their poor relationship he did this as one last act of retaliation.  However, I am not a boss.  I am a non-supervisory employee.  So this is what I’m asking, what is the proper protocol when it comes to resigning for both employees and supervisors?  How much time should be allotted on both sides and really, who should be sharing this news?  The employee, the boss, or both?


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